Who, What & Why

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Bora Da…

My name is Bethan Rose & I decided to start writing a blog because I rediscovered emails I had sent, whilst working abroad, which catalogued my almost every move. Without realising it, I’d sort of been writing a travel blog for months. I then noticed that I record all my outings and experiences in a diary-scrapbook & had actually been on quite a few trips, with more soon to come.

This is when I decided to put all in the information in one place. So here is my blog. I’ve organised it all place by place & highlighted a sentence from each paragraph in bold which sums up what I’m talking about in that section, just to make it all bit easier to navigate. Starting from a trip to China, my gap year in France, moving to London & all my trips (well, omitting two girls’ holidays, one to Menorca & one to Malia, which I’m taking to my grave) & travels since & in between, to whatever is yet to come .

I am a 22 year old student, living in London until this year. I have just moved to Cardiff for a year to complete an MA in International Journalism. Although I’m always moving, my heart is in London whilst my home is on the Wirral (which is both ‘basically’ Liverpool and yet completely not – but kind of near there in the North West of England).

I’ve always been a bit of an escapist & a dreamer. I love reading, any kind of new experience, daring myself & escaping whenever I can. I’m not a millionaire or a full-time traveller, but somehow I manage to get around. This blog is about experiencing new places but on a part-time basis (& budget). This mainly down to being a truly excellent cheapskate, luck & an insatiable ability to stay still.

So if anything seems at all interesting, please have a read every now & then. If not, I apologise for wasting your time but thanks for at least sticking to the end of this page all the same.

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Merci et au reviour, mes amis!

[all photos my own unless otherwise stated and I maintain ownership of all images and written content].