Travel Peeps

Travelling is easy, especially when you know where to look & one of the best bits before you go is exploring all the places you could explore.

My Travel Counsellor, June, is absolutely amazing. She sorted out my trip to Morocco & has done some truly incredible trips for my friends & sister to places like Thailand. I’d definitely recommend talking to her if you want a proper holiday, especially one with a little luxury!

Ring 0151 601 4160 or email Even if you only have a vague idea of what you might be looking for, she’s great with ideas. If you’re really stuck, the main website  has some seriously inspirational stuff & pretty amazing offers (particularly if you can travel between peak times). There’s also loads about the company, all their unique financial protection & the personal service they provide.  

I got involved with Sailchecker because they are the best place, hands down, for sailing holidays. Whether you can sail a yacht yourself, never set foot on a boat, or are anywhere in between, they are the best people to speak to.

Visit (which is like a google search for yachts as well as having loads of information & ideas) or email for more specific inquiries.

For a bit of cheapskate luxury, I’ve found Airbnb to be great. You can hire privately owned city apartments or surf shacks just about anywhere & still do it on the cheap.

Have a look on but make sure you read all the information about the place you’re interested in booking (particularly double-check if it’s a shared property or the whole place).

A few of my posts have documented my experiences Interrailing across Europe, starting from Cologne. If you’re interested in backpacking or travelling in this way, check out for tickets & info.

Happy searching!